Retaining system - ST boxes


The Edilmatic retaining system ST Boxes is a simple and effective solution for the connection of façade panels to the structural frame of the building.

The system is made of:
  • a Retaining ST Box, inserted inside the element to be retained (usually, the top of a precast panel);
  • an Anchor Channel, inserted inside the main structural element (pillars, beams, etc.);
  • Bolts, Nuts, Washers or Counterplates, used during the mounting phase of the system.
There are four sizes of ST Boxes:
  • ST1, with nominal retaining capacity of 10 kN;
  • ST1.5, with nominal retaining capacity of 15 kN;
  • ST2, with nominal retaining capacity of 20 kN, available with standard width 120 mm or reduced width 90 mm;
  • ST3, with nominal retaining capacity of 30 kN.
The nominal retaining capacity is referred to the ST box alone. The bearing capacity of the node depents both on the size of the ST box and on the type of anchor channel.

The shear load bearing capacity is 50% of the maximum shear capacity of the coupled anchor channel.

The system has the CE mark according to EN 1090. The boxes are labelled with the identification of the manufacturer and of the production batch.

The performances of the system are guaranteed only if the accessories and the presctiptions of the catalogue are fulfilled.

The ST boxes are coated with electrolytic galvanizing according to EN ISO 2081.


Main features

The ST Boxes are supplied complete with polystyrene pocket former, already inserted on the boxes. At the end of the casting procedures, by removing the polystyrene, recesses are created for the insertion of the anchoring accessories.

The system allows the connection of an element to a structure as soon as the crane approaches the element in its final location, as indicated in the mounting drawings.

To complete the connection, insert the bolt in the rear recess of the box, insert it into the anchor channel and lock with nut and washer.

The polystyrene recess former ensures that the ST Boxes remain below the top level of the panel, so the system is completely hidden.

The slotted hole on the ST Boxes allows a wide possibility of adjustment, even in case of positioning errors of the profile.

Thanks to the compact dimensions and to the special shape of the anchors, the performances of the ST Boxes are guaranteed at any point of attachment along the axis of the slotted hole.

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