Edilmatic knurled BRACKETS, as standard versions, are available in five different types, with various shapes and sizes, to satisfy any adjustment requirements in cases of retaining and connecting concrete structural members. 

The standard Brackets are available WITH or WITHOUT side reinforcements, with the following code:
  • EDIL ... - SR Brackets = Without lateral reinforcements;
  •  EDIL ... - R Brackets = with lateral reinforcements.
For a correct fixing of the brackets, the use of knurled counter-plates is always recommended.

The elements are supplied with electrolytic galvanizing UNI EN ISO 2081 or, on request, wit hot-dip galvanizing UNI EN ISO 1461.

A product traceability marking is stamped on each Bracket, identifying the manufacturer (EDILMATIC) and showing the Lot Code (material casting no. and part production month - year).