EDILMATIC S.P.A. is a company specialized in the research, design, development and production of anti-seismic anchoring systems intended for the assembly of precast structural members for industrialized construction and for plant installation. 
Edilmatic has rapidly developed technologies and know-how that first enhanced and then consolidated a leading position in its operating markets, in Italy and abroad.
This achievement is the result of on-going direct contact with end users and intensive screening of issues, needs and expectations.
In addition to production departments, a Technical Office operates as a market research and analysis hub, constantly monitoring market innovations and studying the myriad challenges presented by the industry, with a view to translating customers' requests into ready-to-apply solutions and offers. Alongside the Technical Office, a Test Laboratory operates, equipped for inspecting and final testing of the various components and materials, with a view to guaranteeing a product development "regime" second to none, especially from the standpoint of Safety, Quality and Technology. On-going evolution supported by the experience and expertise gained in over 50 years of operations, has created a winning mix primed for manufacturing proven systems in different areas:
  1. Support Systems (MT Brackets);
  2. Restraint and Bracing Systems (QT Boxes);
  3. Pins for termal insulation panels (ESP Pins);
  4. Post-installed anti-seismic devices;
  5. Anchor Channels, bolts, brackets and miscellaneous accessories for anchoring systems.