EDIL PO - Link for horizontal panels


The EDIL PO angle bracket is a structural steel element proposed as anti-liftoff restraint of horizontal panels mounted externally to columns.
The element's design and its prescriptions make this type of restraint able to offer an effective mechanical resistance against the overturning of the panels; at the same time, it allow the relative translations between structure and panel in the panel's plane, due to the displacements of the supporting structure. 
The element was designed to create a constraint that avoids any direct interaction between the non-structural components and the load-bearing structure of the building, in order not to modify the existing static scheme. In the pillar side of the angle there are holes for the dowels, while in the panel side there is a slot dimensioned to allow the appropriate assembly tolerances (e.g. to avoid interference with the reinforcement); also, the slot allows the relative displacements foreseen for the element, approximately equal to ±30 mm. The presence of the reinforcements is due to the fact that the connection must be able to transfer a relevant traction force.
EDIL PO is supplied with electrolytic galvanization. 
Edil PO