Anchor Channels


EDILMATIC systems are offered as a solution for anchoring precast concrete structural members and for mounting other accessories to complete both industrial and civil building applications.

EDILMATIC Anchoring Systems consist of Steel Hollow Profiles, filled with Polyurethane sponge of different shapes and sizes, to be prepared before casting. At the end of casting, removing the polyurethane filling, anchoring areas (recesses) are created in the various members, suitable for hosting a wide range of accessories for the creation of anchors required in the construction of structural members. Profile shapes and dimensions are variable according to load requirements. The range offered allows applications with maximum loads up to 26 kN.

The polyurethane sponge inserted in the profiles provides high waterproofing performance preventing infiltration of concrete into the component.
The sponge is tested according to EEC 91/155 safety standards; after casting, it may also be easily removed manually.

A lot code showing the year and month of production with reference to the casting number of the material is stamped on the inside of each profile.

EDILMATIC is a UNI EN ISO 9001 certified company, with a certificate awarded by ICMQ.
All PROFILES undergo periodic testing at intervals established under specific codes, and the QUALITY CONTROL mark, placed on each package, shows the inspections and testing which the product has undergone.

Reference standards

UNI EN 1992-4: Eurocode 2 - Design of concrete structures - Part 4: Design of fastenings for use in concrete

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