MT Bracket

Edilmatic Support System

The EDILMATIC support system, called MT BRACKET, is offered as a rational, simple and safe solution to solve support problems for external column-mounted precast panels and precast structural members in general. It completely eliminates problems of space during the storage and transport of the structural members to be assembled and solves the problems of creating (unsightly) compartments in case of reuse of the pillar, allowing extensive adjustments along the three Cartesian axes.

The slotted hole in the lower part of the bracket also allows an additional angular adjustment to recover any positioning errors of the Clamped Plate.

The Structural range

The system essentially consists of three members:
Insert to be placed inside the carrier member, i.e. a pillar.
Insert to be placed inside the carried member, i.e. a panel.
Steel element to connect the two inserts, supplied complete with bolts and nuts.
Depending on the load bearing capacity, five models are available:
MT2 type bracket - maximum load 20 kN

MT4 type bracket - maximum load 40 kN

MT6 type bracket - maximum load 60 kN
MT9 type bracket - maximum load 90 kN
MT12 type bracket - maximum load 120 kN

The MT bracket is available also in a "horizontal version", with increased load distance, with the following models:
MOT3 horizontal type bracket - maximum load 30 kN

MOT6 horizontal type bracket - maximum load 60 kN

All components are galvanized with electrolytic zinc plating according to UNI EN ISO 2081.