Retaining Plates


Edilmatic Retaining Plates are designed to solve retention problems of concrete structural members. They are available as various lengths, based on the anchoring distances and as various shapes, based on the design loads and the types of Hollow Profile to be used. The slotted hole on the back of the plate offers wide adjustment of the retention distances and the knurled coupling with the relevant counter-plate prevents sliding issues after tightening.
All plate types show, in various positions, product traceability markings identifying the manufacturer (E = Edilmatic) and the lot code (reference to the casting number of the material - month and year of production) as a guarantee of quality and proof of inspections performed.

The Structural Member range

  • Anchor Head plates for GD profile (PTA)
  • Anchor Head Plates for GE and GM profiles (PTA)
  • Plates with Threaded Bush (PB)