EDIL P.V. - Link for vertical panels


The connector is an original type of fastening based on the principle of the sliding rail; it is obtained by assembling steel elements and is proposed for the fastening of vertical panels to the beams. The connector prevents the panel from tipping over and, at the same time, allows it to move horizontally in its own plane, thanks to the sliding in the rail. 
The connection has been sized to ensure the transfer of a seismic force proportional to half the mass of a tipical panel. The elongated shape of the central rail allows to accommodate relative displacements between the panel itself and the beam. The connector is applicable both to the top or bottom of the beam. The installation on the bottom facilitate both the immediate assembly operations and the subsequent inspection and ordinary maintenance activities.
EDIL P.V. Staffa per Pannelli Verticali


The bracket is fixed by two M16 dowels to the concrete beam. A further dowel is linked to the panel side for the subsequent coupling with the carriage and the guide of the bracket. After installation, especially in the beam bottom, the connection is easily inspectable and accessible for any maintenance operations.
The rail stroke is 200 mm; the connector can withstand forces up to 18 kN. It can be supplied with cold electrolytic galvanization or painted.

For further information, read the article published on Ingegno.
EDIL P.V. Staffa per Pannelli Verticali