Lifting System

Edilmatic EMP Lifting System

The Edilmatic EMP lifting system is an effective, safe and easy-to-use device, designed for lifting and handling concrete structural members. It can be used both in factory, for removal and storage operations, and on-site for the positioning and assembly of members. It is essentially made up of an insert, a lifting Peg, to be prepared in advance in the formworks before casting the products and a Handle for hooking the peg itself during handling, which acts, in practice, as a connector between the lifting equipment  (cranes, overhead travelling cranes, etc.) and the insert in the concrete. The Peg is supplied complete with Containment Cap, an essential accessory to create the recess in the product and it allows the head of the peg itself to remain visible on the surface, permitting subsequent coupling with the handle. The handle is equipped with a sliding safety Pin, which shows the correct coupling of the two components.
Sistema di Sollevamento


With the Edilmatic EMP lifting system, two distinct lifting configurations are provided with different maximum Applicable Loads:

1) vertical lifting;
2) orthogonal lifting (Tipping-Tilting).
For vertical lifting, two other possible configurations are also foreseen:
1a) lifting and transport using vertical ropes;
1b) lifting and transport with inclined ropes.
Applicable Loads shown for the various types of Pegs are effective and already include the various increase coefficients due to the factors mentioned above.

For selecting the type of Peg to be use, it is necessary, in practice, to determine the Weight of the structural member and the number of Pegs that are intended to be used, while always complying with the minimum distances from the structural member edges and relevant minimum thicknesses.
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