Instructions for Designers

Resistance assessment

The maximum applicable load values shown in the catalogue for the different types of profiles, in the different load configurations, have been determined using analytical calculations, based on specific standards and verified with trial tests. The strengths obtained are certified by a proper European Technical Approval.

The resistances indicated in the product data sheets are to be considered as design values at the Ultimate Limit State (ULS), in accordance with the Eurocodes.

To support designers, Edilmatic can provide the Anchor Calculation and Verification Manual (with Edilmatic Hollow Profiles) written by Prof. Ing. Paolo Riva and Ing. Giovanni Metelli, University of Bergamo. The manual analyses the different collapse mechanisms that may occur in the use of Hollow profiles, distinguishing between rupture on the steel side and the concrete side and the verification equations regulating such mechanisms are reported for calculating the load bearing capacity of such profiles in the various conditions of use.